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Exciting news! New Website Coming Soon

De Mattheis Investments is launching a brand new website soon, designed to better serve our clients and provide a seamless user experience. Keep an eye out for our official launch announcement and be sure to visit our website to learn more about our investment services.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay informed and take advantage of all the benefits our new website has to offer. Stay tuned!

About Us

De Mattheis Investments is a full service real estate investment company whose business activities encompass the acquisition, development, redevelopment and management of strategically located neighborhood/community shopping centers and apartment complexes. We are seeking growth through the acquisition of existing properties as well as development opportunities, in quality well-established or growth markets throughout the United States.

The Company is extremely disciplined in its approach to new acquisitions, carefully scrutinizing each opportunity to maximize its return on investment. We are proficient at taking commercial development property from land acquisition through the complex governmental approval process into construction, leasing, and ultimately management of the finished product. We sweat the details, designing and building extremely high quality developments, while maintaining an equity position in each property. Since De Mattheis Investments builds for ownership, it pays attention to construction and development details as well as craftsmanship, which ultimately separate its properties from the competition.

We also manage all of our own properties keeping them well-maintained and attractive, with the highest occupancy rates in the industry, thereby ensuring the long term success and viability of each investment and our portfolio as a whole. Our reputation with our investors, tenants and the communities where we operate our investments is at stake each time we take ownership of a property. Since the founder of De Mattheis has ownership in each of the properties that we manage, you are guaranteed a proactive, diligent and intense attention to detail that each investment requires, with an eye toward unparalleled service and quality.

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